Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy


The following terms and conditions apply to all products and services provided by Yorkshire Timber Gates Limited (YTG).


1.       YTG will not be responsible for Customer errors when ordering, the Customer’s Order Confirmation will include all specified order requirements, it is essential the Order Confirmation is reviewed for accuracy. Any discrepancies must be reported to YTG within 24 hours of Order Confirmation receipt.

2.       It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure all order details including finishes are accurate. This includes (non-exhaustive):

2.1.   Measurements: It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all measurements are accurate. We can provide guidance on measuring.

2.2.   Gate hand: Where the gate hand, i.e. left opening / right opening, is not specified, the gate hand will be decided at our discretion. Where this is not the Customer’s preferences, we will endeavour to change the gate hand though this may incur additional charges.

2.3.   Ironwork: Where ironwork is requested, Galvanised Silver will be used as standard unless the Customer specifies a colour option.

2.4.   Finishes: As standard, an initial preservative base coat is applied to all orders, we strongly recommend that gates receive further treatments to preserve appearance. We offer a pressurised treatment service at an additional cost, or can provide advice on further treatments and maintenance on request.

3.       YTG products are bespoke and made to order, no two products are identical. Product images are used purely to illustrate the product range available; we cannot guarantee exact replicas of product images. Colours and styles will vary based on the order requirements, treatment options selected, and environment in which gates are fitted.


4.       The Customer will receive a full quotation with the Order Confirmation, where VAT and delivery charges apply, these will also be included within the Order Confirmation.

5.       All quotes supplied by Yorkshire Timber Gates LTD are valid for 14 days from the date of quotation. Yorkshire Timber Gates LTD reserves the right to amend quoted costs any time during volatile wholesale timber prices.

6.       All goods will remain the property of Yorkshire Timber Gates Limited until full payment has been received from the buyer and or third-party buyer.

7.       Any pricing errors must be reported to YTG as soon as possible for rectification. YTG will not be responsible for pricing errors due to Customer misinformation.

8.       Where a pricing error is the fault of YTG, and the Customer has been undercharged, the Customer will have the option of paying the corrected price or receiving a refund. YTG are not obliged to fulfil an order in this situation, except at YTG discretion.

9.       Where a pricing error is the fault of YTG, and the Customer has been overcharged, a refund covering the overpayment will be made.

10.   Deposits are non-refundable except at YTG discretion.


11.   On order confirmation, the Customer will be provided with an estimated lead time based on current production workload. Though every effort will be made to complete the order within the specified lead time, we cannot guarantee this will be achieved. Products are custom made, and YTG will always prioritise the quality of work over meeting a lead time.

12.   Where a lead time is unlikely to be met, this will be communicated to the Customer along with an updated estimate lead time.


13.   If the Customer has arranged collection from the YTG workshop, the Customer must contact YTG to confirm the order is ready. YTG take no responsibility for journeys / time spent if the Customer arrives to collect before the order is ready.

14.   Where possible, YTG will contact the Customer to confirm the order is ready. To enable this, the Customer must provide correct contact details alongside communication preferences.

15.   Most deliveries are fulfilled through a courier service which work to a 3-4 working day service which is not included in the quoted lead time.

16.   YTG cannot guarantee the date / time of delivery and accept no liability for failure to meet the estimated delivery date.


17.   Where the Customer is using a third party (builders or fitters) to install products, we strongly advise that the Customer waits until goods are received and checked prior to committing to an installation date. YTG will not be responsible for any costs incurred due to third party charges should the products arrive late / damaged.

18.   We strongly advise that where products are purchased on behalf of another, the end-receiver receives a copy of the order form for reference. YTG will accept no liability for order errors between the Customer and end-receiver.

19.   Where ironwork has been ordered, this will be shipped directly from our Supplier and YTG hold no responsibility for the lead time once despatched.

20.   When installing the gates please ensure they are fitted correctly – as not all installations are the same, we do encourage the use of a professional installer. Please take care to use the appropriate ironmongery.

21.   YTG will not be liable for any issues due to third party installation errors.


22.   YTG products are fully covered by a workmanship warranty.

23.   To maintain the warranty, any faults must be reported to YTG within 24 hours of receipt of goods. No processing or further processing should take place with the product until the dispute has been settled. Warranty will be void if installation/processing has been carried out at any time. Workmanship on the sole manufacture of the gate will be rectified at no cost if this is where the issue has occurred.

24.   Where the fault is found to not be the fault of YTG, the customer will be required to cover delivery costs to receive / return the product and any rectification works. The return must be made in original packaging or similar. The cost of rectification works will be provided to the Customer for approval prior to works commencing.

25.   The warranty does not cover:

25.1.                     Damage due to a third-party installation.

25.2.                     Damage to posts, ironwork or nearby objects through ill-fitting of the gate(s).

25.3.                     Damage or problems as a result of the Customer failure to apply a regular, suitable treatment or preservative.

25.4.                     Issues caused by natural timber movement (including twisting, shrinking, bowing, cupping, splitting and knots).

25.5.                   YTG does not accept responsibility of timber movement (see definitions above) when tanalised timber is opted for.

25.6.                     Damage caused through deliberate damage or misuse of the gate(s).