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More about our gates

All our gates are made by hand from joinery grade Scandinavian pine as standard.

We can also offer all gate types using Iroko or Sapele (hardwood).

The curves, where applicable, are cut from solid sections of timber, we do not use laminates.

All our softwood gates come with a solvent based clear coat. Further treatment is required to ensure the longevity of the timber, please feel free to contact us for advice.

We offer tanalised UC3 timber gates for an extra charge if required.

Our gates can be manufactured on 45mm, 55mm and 65mm frame thickness with a planed, smooth finish.

Bespoke orders welcome to match any design.


·       45mm frame thickness

·       Cost effective choice

·       16mm – 4ths Grade Matchboard

·       A budget alternative to our premium options

·       Available on all styles


·       55mm frame thickness

·       Robust feel

·       16mm Best quality Matchboard

·       Where applicable, our skilled joiners cut the brace into the rail for maximum strength.

·      Ideal for driveway and larger gates

Premium Plus

·       65mm frame thickness

·       All the qualities of the premium option but with a thicker finish

·      20mm Best quality Matchboard

Bow Top (Shaped)

Our Bow Top range comes with a choice of two options. Here is the Shaped Bow Top, typically used for wider gates that add more of a curve from the centre of the gate to half way across the gate panel.

Bow Top (Full Bow)

Our option is a Full Bow Top, where the curve begins from the centre of the top of the gates to the end of the gates.


Similar to the Flat top style but with the added window, this design gives the finished product a little more character.

Flat Top

A simple design and popular choice as it is suited to either traditional or modern surroundings. 

Olympic Curve

One of our more popular choices, the shape being a hybrid of both the Swan neck and cottage design. 

Swan Neck

The Swan Neck Gate offers an elegant curved top while also keeping the overall design uncomplicated.

The style you want, made to measure.